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Assessing Your Purchase Power

MORE OFTEN than not … as a Property investor, you might tend to over-estimate (or under-estimate) the precise amount of money you have available to invest.

What happens is that you fail to take into account the full amount of available equity stored in your other existing properties. Or you simply forget about having to cover your acquisition costs — like stamp duty and legal fees.

Therefore, you need some easy-to-use Software to quickly help you come up with the right answer.

High-Speed Property Filter

Since 1970, I’ve had the chance to observe what some of the leading property investors (and their lenders) appear to adopt as the key yardsticks for continued success.

Certain Objectives and Criteria might come and go with changing economic circumstances. But you’ll find there are basically 20 key components, which have endured over time.

In order to satisfy your Investment Objectives, you will need to set certain Buying Criteria.

And it is against the combination of these components, that you will rate each and every Investment you undertake.

The Final Judgement

Once you’ve created your short list, you then need to put together a projected cash flow for each property — on an after-tax basis.

And this requires you to combine 18 different factors. Things like … the contract terms, the lease details, stamp duty, legal fees, interest depreciation, tax rate, due diligence … and the list goes on!

To make it simple, you just use my Final Judgement software … to combine everything together, and distil it all down to ONE single figure — for easy comparison.

And, hopefully, you’ll find it to be the most valuable Tool for analysing and comparing your target properties — once they’ve made it through the High-Speed Filter.

The Value After Upgrading?

The property you’ve just bought (or about to buy) may need some upgrading — to add value.

Maybe it’s a simple refurbishment; or perhaps, you’re planning to subdivide it into smaller parcels. Or even add another floor.

In any event, you need a simple, quick and easy software program … to help you assess, analyse and assemble the different components — to provide you with the anticipated end-value of the finished project.

And the Software to help you do that … is currently a work-in-progress.

Pay No More than You Should!

Sometimes you need to undertake certain upgrading works, before your chosen property is able to provide you with its full cash flow.

Therefore … you require a simple system to take into account the cost of all those things — to ensure that you don’t end up over-paying for your property at the outset.

In other words — you need to determine the maximum price you can afford to be paying upfront … that will still allow you to extract the full potential the property offers.

Again, this piece of Software to help you do that … is again, on the drawing board.